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David Rancourt - portrait

Myriam Allard

David arrived in Montréal in 1999 as a dance artist and has been an outstanding performer since the end of his studies at LADMMI (the Montréal Modern Dance Workshop) in 2003. He has worked with many choreographers which led him to experiment in various types of art and movement allowing him to dance on local, national and international scenes. In recent years he continued his collaborations with different artists: Alan Lake, Pierre-Paul Savoie and Annie Gagnon, as well as new projects with Caroline Laurin Beaucage, Aurélie Pedron and Ariane Boulet.

Passionate about the art of movement and breath, he practices the Continuum with Linda Rabin and Qu Gong with Marie-Claude Rodrigue for more than ten years. He is also part of the Fragments Libres school team. As an external eye and artistic advisor, he collaborated with Edgar Zendejas at EzDanza in addition to working with other creators of his generation.

Always committed to his community from the moment he arrived in the city, David is a member of the Regroupement Québécois de la Danse (RQD) since 2000 and serves on the boards of EzDanza and Annexe A.