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Second residence at Quai 5160


Second residence at Quai 5160

Myriam Allard

La Otra Orilla was back at Verdun’s Maison de la culture from January 14th to 20th to design and stage 40 minutes of MAGNETIKAE. A significant breakthrough in creation. The team worked on dance, music, lights, sound, costumes and set, to bring together a short version that will premiere in Calgary in April-May.

We once again thanks the team of Quai 5160 for its warm welcome!

Present at the residence:

Performers: Myriam Allard (dance), Hedi Graja (singing), Gaël Lane Lépine (keyboard), Miguel Medina (percussions)

Lights: Julie Basse

Sound: Philippe Pelletier

Costumes: Marianne Thériault

Communications: Adeline Silva

Video : ©Robin Pineda Editing : ©Miguel Medina Photo : ©Lydia Pawelak